• Is your marriage in trouble?
  • Are you thinking about getting out?
  • Are you dating another person?
  • Are you staying in your marriage for the kids?
3 CD program includes over three hours of 101 divorce tips.
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What makes this program different?

There are lots of programs on divorce by attorneys. And there are lots of programs by therapists on the same topic. This is one of the only programs that can help with both the legal and psychological issues surrounding divorce.

Developed by a prominent divorce lawyer and a psychotherapist, licensed marriage and family therapist, with more than fifty years of combined experience. This program will help you to understand how to protect yourself and your family.

Listen in your car, on your phone or at your desk. And in a few hours you will know what you need to do to make a wise decision and take good care of yourself.
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Discover the answers to your legal and psychological issues surrounding divorce

Dr. Jay Granat, Ph.D., LMFT and Valerie Solimano Attorney at Law have carefully considered the questions that their clients and patients ask all the time and have compiled these issues into a 3 volume CD program.

How did the authors decide what questions to answer?

We carefully considered the questions that our clients and patients ask us all the time and tried to address these issues in this program.
This program can help you to save money on legal fees, as well as time and energy. You will find out what you need to do to speed up the divorce process if you decide you want out.

Who should use this program?

If you are thinking about divorce and have some questions about the legal, financial and emotional issues this important decision. This 3 CD volume program will answer many of your questions. It will give you lots of useful tips to save your marriage, protect yourself, your assets and your kids and show you how to cope with your decision with the least amount of stress.
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Here are a few examples of what you will discover

    1. How To Protect Yourself Financially
    2. How To Choose The Best Lawyer For Your Case
    3. How To Save Your Marriage
    4. How To Manage And Handle An Affair
    5. What Should You Do If You Are Trapped In An Abusive Marriage?
    6. How To Talk To Your Children
    7. How To Protect Your Kids
    8. How To Stay Physically And Psychologically Safe
    9. How To Heal From Your Loss
    10. When Is It Okay To Date?
    11. Should You File First?
    12. When Is It Time To Change Lawyers?
    13. What Can A Therapist Do To Help
    14. What Causes Relationships To End?
    15. Why Will The Number Of Divorces Increase?
    16. What Can You Do To Manage The Stress?

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