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New York, NY –Divorce lawyers can now attract more high net worth divorce cases.

Family attorneys know that big earners like doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, celebrities and hedge fund managers can often get involved in complex litigation when they decide to end their marriage.

And these complex cases can generate huge legal fees…………..

By having an exclusive listing on two new websites, lawyers can attract more of these kinds of lucrative cases.

Prominent family lawyers can be listed as the only family lawyer in their county on


Attorneys can also have their subspecialty listed on the site. These include: custody issues, alimony, prenuptial agreements, gay divorce, child abuse, physical abuse, substance abuse, mediation, divorces involving athletes, divorces involving Wall Street executives, cooperative divorce, collaborative divorce, physician divorce, business owner divorces and celebrity divorces.

Unlike other directories, attorneys can have their listings supported with articles, videos, cases, legal commentary, cd programs, books, press releases and e-books.

In addition, both sites will be supported with an abundance of useful content for people who are in troubled relationships.

The fee for each exclusive listing is just one thousand dollars per year.

So, just one case will pay for the listing many times over.

The Founder Of These Sites

Dr. Jay Granat has had articles appear in Legal Economics, The New York State Bar Journal, The New Jersey Law Journal, The National Law Journal and The Pennsylvania Bar Journal.  He has lectured on the psychology of marketing, advertising and public relations to several bar associations and to the New Jersey Institute Of Continuing Legal Education.

One law firm grew from two offices to seven using Granat’s marketing methods.

Granat has developed several successful internet businesses and he has been able to secure placement in top tier publications and as well as radio and television programs.

Granat, who is also a psychotherapist and a licensed marriage and family therapist, understands the psychology of divorce very clearly.

Other Professionals Who May Want A Presence On This Site

Marriage counselors, forensic psychologists, forensic accountants and mediators may also want to have a presence on these sites.

Want To Reserve Your Spot?

To learn more about this practice building opportunity, reach out to the site’s founder, Dr. Jay Granat at 201 647-9191 or at

To reserve your position in your county, call 201 647-9191 today.